The Waldenstrom’s Weekly

September 2, 2022

Volume 2, Issue 33

Thanks to YOUR generosity, the IWMF can offer education, information & support programs to the WM community free of charge.


Walk for Waldenstrom’s


Walk for Waldenstrom’s 2022

Sunday, September 18th at 10:00AM (EDT)

Join us to raise awareness and support for the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF).
Walk for Waldenstrom’s is a 1-mile walk/run fundraising and awareness event for the IWMF and global WM community.
It’s FREE to register!
Join the Walk for Waldenstrom’s from anywhere in the world.
Walk in a park, on the beach, in your neighborhood (bring the dog and order them an IWMF bandana or T-shirt HERE ), from the comfort of your own home, or walk on the treadmill. 
Don’t want to walk? No problem! 
Pick an activity you enjoy… Pickleball, bridge, even reading a book. 
You can create your own fundraising page and reach out to your friends and family for support, or sponsor someone else that created a page for this event.
Need help creating your page?
Email Donna Cutillo at, and she will walk you through it.
Funds raised from the Walk for Waldenstrom’s make a big difference to the global WM community – these funds support vital WM research, and allow IWMF to continue offering free resources, education, and materials to everyone living with WM.
In appreciation of you joining the Walk for Waldenstrom’s
Raise $100 and receive:
  • IWMF Walk for Waldenstrom’s T-Shirt
Raise $800 and receive:
  • IWMF Walk for Waldenstrom’s T-Shirt
  • Complimentary registration to a future IWMF Educational Forum
Raise $2,000 and receive:
  • IWMF Walk for Waldenstrom’s T-Shirt
  • Complimentary registration to a future IWMF Educational Forum
  • A redeemable $300 travel certificate for you or a friend to attend a future IWMF Educational Forum
Because WM is a rare and little-known disease, please spread the word by sharing YOUR story, explaining what WM is and, by asking everyone you know to support IWMF.
Thank you for being a part of Walk for Waldenstrom’s.


Dr. Jeffrey Matous
Colorado Blood Cancer Institute


Lisa J. Wise, M.Ed.
IWMF Vice-Chair of Information & Support

About the Program:

Need to brush up on your WM Basics? Get the most out of your upcoming Virtual Educational Forum experience with part one in this three part Ed Forum Primer series.
Getting to know the WM basics will benefit newly diagnosed patients and veteran WMers alike with a refresher course on WM and an explanation of diagnosis, symptoms, and some simple treatment guidelines.
Following the presentation, have YOUR questions answered LIVE during the Q&A portion of the program.

Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) Webinar
May 3rd at 1:00PM U.S. EDT


Is a clinical trial right for you? In this 30 minute webinar, cancer expert and researcher, Dr. Seth Pollack, is joined by PEN board member and empowered patient, Sujata Dutta, as they discuss the ins and outs of clinical trials. Together, they’ll share what you need to know about clinical trials, define key terminology, and debunk common misconceptions about participation.



The IWMF Announces an Addition to the WM Physicians Directory in the U.S.


Dr. Craig Boddy
Hawaii Pacific Health
Honolulu, Hawaii

For your convenience in seeking a consultation for a second opinion, we provide a directory of well-known cancer centers we work with and physicians/researchers who are very knowledgeable about WM. All the physicians included in our Physicians Directory have agreed to be included in the directory for consultation to patients, as well as other physicians.

Story of Hope Update: Bob Lynch


“In August of this year, I will be celebrating my 75th birthday with a row to a local pub. Upon diagnosis of WM, I hoped to make it to 50. The lesson: Never think small!”



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The IWMF is able to offer our education, information and support programs free of charge, thanks to the generosity of WM community members like you.
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