IWMF Educational Forum

The IWMF sponsors an Annual Educational Forum (Ed Forum) held in a different US destination each year. This Forum typically last 2-3 days, and all WM patients, supporters, caregivers, family  worldwide are welcome to attend.

Our Ed Forum is the place to learn about our disease from WM specialists who are involved in many areas of clinical practice and research. Presentations are aimed at the layperson and address: symptoms and complications of the disease, current treatment options, new therapies, and recent research findings that may someday lead to a cure. The Ed Forum also offers breakout discussion groups on specific topics of interest to both patients and caregivers. The Ed Forum environment offers networking meetups for sharing experiences and supporting each other.  Many of the medical professionals remain for the duration of the Forum which provides an opportunity for attendees to talk with the experts on an informal basis. Each Ed Forum concludes with the popular “Ask the Doctor” question-and-answer session.  Presentations from past Ed Forums can be found here.  Up to date information about each year’s upcoming Ed Forum can be found below.

26th Annual IWMF Educational Forum





The 2021 Ed Forum will be a completely virtual event. We are disappointed that we will not meet together in October, but the safety and health of our participants and faculty is the number one priority.  We are excited to announce an entire month of educational workshops in October 2021, culminating in our Virtual Educational Forum. These workshops are for all members of the WM community – from newly diagnosed patients, to 25+ year WM veterans, and everyone in-between. These workshops, led by top WM physicians and researchers, will help lay the educational groundwork for a two-day Virtual Educational Forum. Check back for agenda and other program updates.


Oct 2021


  • Welcome, Announcements
  • WM & Basic Terminology
  • Understanding Your Blood and Bone Marrow Tests
  • Genomics/Science of WM
  • Closing Remarks


Oct 2021


  • Welcome, Announcements
  • WM & Fatigue
  • Dealing with the Stress of Medical Uncertainty
  • Supporting Your Immune System
  • Closing Remarks


Oct 2021

Ed Forum Day 1:

  • Welcome, Announcements
  • Current Treatment Options, Q&A
  • Novel Treatments on the Horizon & The Importance
    of Clinical Trials for Drug Development , Q&A

Mini general sessions: 30-minute basics overview on each topic followed by 10-minute Q&A after each session)

  • WM & Peripheral Neuropathy , Q&A
  • WM & the Eye, Q&A
  • WM & Dermatology (Hair, Skin, Nails), Q&A
  • Closing Remarks


Oct 2021

Ed Forum Day 2:

  • Welcome, Announcements
  • Familial WM, Q&A
  • Recommendations from the International WM Consensus Panel Committee
  • Ask the Doctors: Live Panel Q&A

2020 IWMF Virtual Educational Forum

We hope you enjoyed the 2020 IWMF Virtual Educational Forum virtual environment experience!
Click Here to view presentations from the 2020 Virtual Educational Forum and from previous Ed Forums.

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