The Ben Rude Heritage Society

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What is the Ben Rude Heritage Society?

The Ben Rude Heritage Society recognizes those who have made provisions for a future gift to the IWMF, such as a bequest, listing the IWMF as a beneficiary for a life insurance policy or qualified planned asset (such as a 401k or IRA). Legacy gifts represent an important component of the IWMF’s financial future. Since the establishment of the Ben Rude Heritage Society in 2008, 45 bequests have been received, totaling over $4M, which have allowed the organization to expand programs and research commitments significantly over the years. Members of the Ben Rude Heritage Society are dedicated to supporting research, information, education, and support programs for countless patients and caregivers around the globe. There is no minimum requirement to join the Ben Rude Heritage Society, with provisions ranging in value from $100 to $1,000,000, but every single gift makes a difference to the future of the IWMF and to those who benefit from our research and support.

We’ve partnered with FreeWill: a free online tool that guides you through the process of making or updating your will, as well as other estate planning documents, and including a gift to the IWMF. Including a planned gift to the IWMF also enables you to join the Ben Rude Heritage Society.

Who Was Ben Rude?

Ben Rude was the second president of the IWMF. The Ben Rude Heritage Society was established in memory of Ben’s legacy of leadership.

“Ben passed away In January of 2005, but his legacy is carried on, thanks to the leadership demonstrated by members of this Society I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the founding and current members of the Society­ named after my late husband and second president of this great organization-who placed their treasure in our hands. It is members such as these who are keys to the future legacy of this Foundation.”
-Laurie Rude Betts

How Can I Help?

Ben Rude Heritage Society Members Can Make the Following Legacy Gifts:

Bequests or Beneficiary Designations

An excellent way for you to support the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation’s mission is by designating the IWMF as a beneficiary for part or all of your retirement fund assets such as your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension profit sharing plan, or other tax-deferred plan. Other excellent ways to provide for the IWMF are to designate a bequest in your will of a life insurance policy. One significant benefit is that you are able to support the IWMF and leave a lasting legacy. If you are considering a bequest but would like your bequest to be used for a specific purpose, such as research, please let us know. We would be happy to work with you and your financial advisors to help you identify ways to meet your charitable objectives. We are also willing to share specific language with you and your attorney to accomplish your goals.

The Ben Rude Heritage Society Members

Ronald Allen
Jean-Marc* and Sarah Audibert
Paul Awes
C. Edwin Baker*
Jack Baker
Janet Bausser*
David M. Benson
Beverly J. Bloss
Elsa and Gary Bradley
Arlou Brahm*
Ronald and Mary Jane Branscome
William O. and Ellen Kaner Bresnick◆
L. Don and Mary Brown
Ruth L. Brown*
John Button*
Peter Carr
Gerald Preston Clancey*
Clara Coen*
Christina Conley*
Mrs. Ivy Cooper*◆
Francie and Michael* Cowen
Norman W. Crandall Jr.*
Charmaine DeFrance
Peter DeNardis
Tony Dye*
Frederick A. Ebeling*
Risa Einhorn
Jean Ellis*
Raymond and Betty Fishman*
Gregory Fitzwater and Marilyn Zollner-Fitzwater
Marlyn Friedlander and Gilbert Scherer
Cindy L. Furst*
Jed Gelber
Barbara Goll
Newton Guerin
Leslie C.* and Maryann Guthrie
Carl Harrington
Humphrey Hartman-Kok*
Davell Hays
Richard and Jean* Heinz
Lois A. Hellriegel

Ralph and Jane Hendrickson
Jan Hergesheimer
Suzanne L. Herms
Arlene Hinchcliffe
Jennifer Hoegerman
Dr. Tom Hoffmann
David Wayne Hogmire
Elinor Howenstine*◆
Wanda L. Huskins and Jeffrey A. Prupis
Kim Jackman
Madeleine Jackson
Dr. Eunice Johnson*
Sanderson and Candy Johnson
Elena Justice
Ann Wadkins Kallam
Stanley Kaufman*
John Kearney
Shan Elizabeth Keary*
James D Kelly*
Nancy Kerr*
Thomas Keys*
Evelyn Klein*
Glenn and Marcia Klepac
George Knipelberg*◆
Charles Koch
Sandra Eileen Kohlhauff
Dr. Robert A. and Charlene M. Kyle
Roy Langhans
Anita Lawson
Gay L. Lestmister*
Janet Levy*
Michael Luttrell
Robert Lynch*
Brigitte Manzke
Lenny Martin
Judith Ann May
Katherine E. McCleary and K. Edward Jacobi*
Kathleen L. Miner
Anne and Peter Mitro◆
Eleanor Moore*
Maynard Morris
Cynthia Muelling
Sam* and Gail Murdough
Guido and Ida Neirotti*
Barry Nelson
Linda Nelson

Brandt* and La Vey Norquist
James and Bette Ortoleva
Paula Pangle
Howard F. Prass*
Alan Prestell*
Barbara Qualley*
Marguerite C. Regan, PhD*
Sharon Resnik
Paul and Janice Rippas
Roger* and Barbara Robinette
Margaret Rockelman*
Joel and Laura Rosenblit
Laurie Rude-Betts and Peter Betts◆
Cynthia Ruhl
Robin and Ronald Rutter
Naomi and Shimon Schechter
Elmo R*. and Dolores E. Schmid
Karen Senecal
Michael and Carol Sesnowitz
Allan Shaw*
Dr. Guy R. Sherwood
Joyce Ann Skeggs
Gary Shrager and Eileen Sullivan
Ellen Smith
Raymond Soborowicz*
Ken and Linda Solow
Amanda Emilia Soto
Cordelia and Peter Stearns
Judith Lee Sterling and Leslie Charles Wilson
John and Diane Tiplady
Nathan Tross*◆
Mathilde Johanna van Gogh*
Tamara Vincent
Dr. Jacob Weintraub
The White Family Trust
Karen Wickert
Virgina A. Williams*
Lisa Wilson
Arthur Winter
Lisa Wise and Steve Weiner
Penni Wisner
James P. Yeager*
Ralph Zuckerman*

* – Deceased
◆ – Founding Member