International Affiliates

The IWMF has its headquarters in the USA, and it has affiliate organizations in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Finland,  France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, and the UK.

These International Affiliates:

  • Provide
    • Support to Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia patients, their families, caregivers, and others with an interest in the disease
    • Country-specific information and educational programs to address patient concerns
  • Promote funding of IWMF research leading to a cure

For more information about the IWMF International Affiliates, please see below.

Country Logo Affiliate Name Affiliate Leader & Contact Information
Argentina Argentina logo Macroglobulinemia De Waldenstrom Argentina(link is external) Graciela Molina, MD
Phone: +054 11 4901- 7407
Email: sends e-mail)
Australia Australia logo WMozzies(link is external) David Young
Phone: +0428 187 025
Belgium Belgium logo CMP-Vlaanderen(link is external) Jeannot Poelman
Email: sends e-mail)
Canada Canada logo WMF Canada(link is external) Paul Kitchen
Email: sends e-mail)
Chile Waldenstrom Chile Jeannette Quiroz
Phone: +56 9 77571035
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China China Logo WM- China(link is external) Roger Yao  (姚惠锋)
Phone: +0086 1391 8486 140
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Scandanavian logo WM-Scandinavia Susanne Ohrn
Phone: +46 730 21 22 68
Email: sends e-mail)
Finland finland logo Waldenstrom Finland Juha Wirekoski
Email: sends e-mail)
Contact: Anne Taal
Phone: +41 79 781 8820
Email: sends e-mail)
France French logo Waldenstrom France(link is external) Denis Beaugeard
Contact: Rainer Benda
Phone: +33 2 47200334
Email: sends e-mail)
Germany German logo Morbus Waldenstrom (MoWa)(link is external) Anita Waldmann
Phone: +49 61 4232123
Email: sends e-mail)
India Indian logo Waldenstrom India (WM-India)(link is external) Rajini and Saurabh Seroo
Phone (WhatsApp): +91 6360 755 001
Email: sends e-mail) sends e-mail)
Ireland Ireland Logo WM Support Ireland Sheila Thomson
Phone: +353 12 822481
Email: sends e-mail)
Israel Flute of Light/WM Giora Sharf
Phone: +972-546060422
Email: sends e-mail) and sends e-mail)
Italy Italy logo Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation of Italy (WMFI) Claudia Bedogni
Email: sends e-mail)
Mexico Macroglobulinemia Waldenstrom Mexico Waldenstrom Mexico (WM-Mexico) Leopoldo (Polo) Peña
Phone: +551 3205 137
Email: sends e-mail)
The Netherlands Netherlands logo Netherlands-Hematon(link is external) Tine van der Schaaf
Phone: +31 297 241192
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New Zealand Waldenstrom New Zealand (WM-NZ) Lea Hullett
Phone: Mobile + 0064 27 6860735
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Portugal APLL/WM Portugal Isabel Barbosa
Phone: +351 918 281 889
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South Africa South African WM Patient Group Micaela Daniels
Phone: +11 706 6016
Email: sends e-mail)
Spain Waldenstrom España (WM-España) Miguel Angel Berrueta
Phone: +34 629 506 006
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Taiwan IWMF Support Group – Taiwan Jyh-Seng Wang, MD
Phone: +886 7 342 2121 ext. 6318
Email: sends e-mail)
UK WMUK(link is external) Contact: Leigh Hibberdine, Operations Manager sends e-mail)
Tel: + 44 7500 390 990