International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation


Officers and Board of Trustees


  • Peter DeNardis,  Chair of the Board, Aliquippa, PA, [email protected] Chair, Executive Committee; Chair, Governance Committee; Educational Forum Committee; Audit and Finance Committee; Patient Registries Committee; Website Committee
  • Ron Branscome, Chair, Fundraising, Fredericksburg, VA, [email protected] Chair, Fundraising Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee, Chair, Imagine a Cure Advisory Committee
  • Newton Guerin, President & CEO, Spotsylvania, VA, [email protected] Executive Committee; Governance Committee, Fundraising Committee, Ed Forum Committee, Audit & Finance Committee, Website Committee
  • Thomas (Tom) H. Hoffmann, MD, FACS, ACCP, Vice-Chair, Research, Frisco, TX, [email protected] Chair, Research Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee; Publications Committee
  • Carl Lisman, Secretary/Treasurer, Yardley, PA, [email protected] Chair, Audit & Finance Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee
  • Lisa Wise, Vice-Chair, Information & Support, Philadelphia, PA, [email protected] Chair, US LIFELINE Committee; Chair, US Support Group Committee; Executive Committee; Governance Committee; Ed Forum Committee, Website Committee


  • Stephen Ansell, MD, Rochester, MN, [email protected] Co-Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Glenn Cantor, DVM, PhD, Bend, OR [email protected] Research Committee; Torch Science Editor; Publications Committee; Education Committee
  • Shirley Ganse, Issaquah, WA, [email protected] IWMF Torch Magazine Editor; Chair, Judith May Volunteer Award Committee; Education Committee
  • Paul Kitchen, Rothesay, NB, Canada [email protected] Chair, International Committee; Audit & Finance
  • Meg Mangin, Menomonie, WI [email protected] Education Committee
  • Linda Nelson, Newton, MA, dental[email protected]Chair, Publications Committee; Research Committee; Education Committee

Board Advisor:

  • Steven Treon, MD, Boston, MA, [email protected] Co-Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee

President Emerita

President Emeritus

TRUSTEES – 1998 to Present


No new members

  • *Newton Guerin, VA
  • *Paul Kitchen, Canada
  • *Carl Lisman, PA
  • *Glenn Cantor, OR
  • * Meg Mangin, WI
  • * Ron Branscome, VA
  • * Shirley Ganse, WA
  • Beverly Docteur, NY
  • Lisa Wise, PA

* Tom Hoffman, M.D., TX

  • *Beverly Docteur, NY
  • *Lisa Wise, PA
  • *Stephen Ansell, M.D., MN
  • *Linda Nelson, MA
  • Wanda Huskins, NY
  • Gayle Backmeyer, IN
  • Eileen Lash, PA
  • Barry Nelson, MA
  • Marlyn Friedlander, WA
  • Elena Malunis, NY
  • Cynthia Ruhl, CA
  • Marcia Klepac, PA
  • Michael Sesnowitz, VA

No new members


Carl Harrington, PA
(President from 2013-2020)
(President Emeritus
since 2020)

  • Marty Glassman, CA
  • Sue Herms, SC
  • Guy Sherwood, M.D., Winnipeg, Canada
  • Bill Paul, TN
  • Don Brown, IL
  • Peter DeNardis, PA (President since 2020)*
  • Cindy Furst, CO
  • Arlene Hinchcliffe, Canada
  • Dick Weiland, MN
  • Roy Parker, CO

No new members

  • Arlene Hinchcliffe, Canada
  • Dick Weiland, MN
  • Roy Parker, CO
  • Tony Brown, CA
  • Elinor Howenstine, CA
  • Robert Kyle, M.D., MN
  • Don Lindemann, CA
  • Dave Lively, WI
  • Karen Pindzola, PA
  • Guy Sherwood, M.D., IN
  • Ron Yee, PA
  • Ron Draftz, IL
  • Carol Gelber, NY
  • Peter Mitro, OH
  • Bob Bent, IN
  • Tom Hoffmann, M.D., AR
  • Ron Payne, OH
  • Lou Birenbaum, MO
  • Jim Johannsen, CA
  • Neil Massoth, NJ
  • Tom Myers, MD
  • Jim Bunton, Canada
  • Jack Gelber, NY
  • James Berg, PA
  • Howard Donley, CA
  • John Sullivan, NJ
  • Mary Ughetta, NY
  • Harold Caplin, CA
1998 & 1999
  • Arnold Smokler, FL
    (President from 1998-1999)
  • Norm Spector, CA
  • Anne Greene, MD
  • Sue Lynch, FL
  • Judith May, CA
    (President from 2005-2012)
    (President Emerita since 2013)
  • Dick Mann, NY
  • John Renshaw, MD
  • Bob Carroll, CO
  • Ben Rude, CA
    (President, 2000-2004)
  • Kathleen Ugenti, NY
  • Davell Hays, CA
  • Pat Kees, FL
  • Les Smith, MD
  • John Spencer, GA
  • Thad Rushi, NY
  • Michael Luttrell, CA

* denotes current Trustee

* Bold blue text denotes a person who has served, or is serving, as Chair of the IWMF

NOTE: The President and CEO is compensated. All other IWMF Officers and Board of Trustees are non-salaried positions and filled by volunteers.