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Becoming knowledgeable about WM, treatment options and coping mechanisms are key for your wellbeing as a patient with a very rare cancer. The IWMF offers an annual Educational Forum and makes available publications and other information to help you and your caregivers become knowledgeable about your disease.


Educational Forum

The IWMF sponsors an Annual Educational Forum (Ed Forum) held in a different US destination each year. This Forum typically last 2-3 days, and all WM patients, supporters, caregivers, family worldwide are welcome to attend.

Our Ed Forum is the place to learn about our disease from WM specialists who are involved in many areas of clinical practice and research. Presentations are aimed at the layperson and address: symptoms and complications of the disease, current treatment options, new therapies, and recent research findings that may someday lead to a cure. The Ed Forum also offers breakout discussion groups on specific topics of interest to both patients and caregivers. The Ed Forum environment offers networking meetups for sharing experiences and supporting each other.  Many of the medical professionals remain for the duration of the Forum which provides an opportunity for attendees to talk with the experts on an informal basis. Each Ed Forum concludes with the popular “Ask the Doctor” question-and-answer session.

Presentations from past Ed Forums can be found here.

IWWM International Doctor-Patient Forum

Since 2000 the IWMF has co-sponsored the IWWM International Doctor-Patient Forum. This educational meeting occurs bi-annually in different parts of the world following the International Workshop on WM (IWWM) for Physicians/Researchers sponsored by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. IWWM International Doctor-Patient Forums have been held in France, Greece, Italy, UK, US, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The International Doctor-Patient Forum provides the opportunity for global patients to be updated on the most current WM research and treatment options by leading international WM physicians/researchers who attend the International Workshop on WM.

The 2 day conference held on October 13-14, 2018 in New York City.  Over 250 WM’ers, from 21 countries, attended the Summit. Videos from the IWWM10 International Patient-Physician Forum (also known as the Bing Center’s 5th International Patient Summit on WM) can be found here.

IWMF Educational Materials

We are pleased to provide, at no cost, several publications written by medical professionals that cover many aspects of WM, including medical and blood tests, diagnosis and treatment options. These publications are directed to laypersons, and they are revised continually as our knowledge of WM advances. You can find out more about these publications and download them directly from our website here.

For  those who are newly diagnosed, the IWMF has packaged several of our publications, selected videos from IWMF Educational Forum(s), information on our support services, and information about our WM Physicians Directory for those who would like a second opinion/consultation on their condition. This package, the IWMF Information Packet (Info Pak), is intended to help the newly diagnosed and his/her caregiver get a better understanding on the disease, how WM is diagnosed, medical tests and treatment options so that they can discuss these with their hematologist/oncologist. The IWMF Info Pak is available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Additional information about the IWMF Info Pak for newly diagnosed can be found here.

Our Videos & Presentations Library contains presentations from IWMF Educational Forums and from International WM Workshops.

Quarterly Magazine – the IWMF Torch

Our free magazine, the IWMF Torch, is published quarterly and each issue keeps you informed about the progress being made in the fight against WM, as well as research activities, treatments, IWMF events and programs.

The IWMF Torch is available through the mail by contacting us, or it can be viewed and printed directly from our web site.

Specialized Support


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and long-term survival issues can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing. We believe that when you are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, it is beneficial to get a variety of perspectives about how others have dealt with cancer or what advice they would share. In addition to our programs and services, the reading material and/or videos from some of our Partners may help answer questions regarding cancer diagnosis and treatment, and you can search on various topics including blood tests, nutrition advice, financial and employment concerns, the role of a caregiver, and more.

Angel Flight East (AFE) Free air transportation to patients and family


Atrial Fibrillation Learn about AF (or afib) the most common irregular heartbeat  Melissa Moss 678-223-3833
Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients Video by Murray Shaw
CONQUER Official patient voice magazine of the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) Subscribe or browse and explore online patient stories, immunotherapy, and specialty lymphoma online
COVID-19 Learning Center Latest information from the Lymphoma Research Foundation

800-500-9976 [email protected]

Digital Empowerment Course Free guided video courses to become more comfortable with technology. Offered by Patient Empowerment Network.

Digitally Empowered

Doctor Visits Make the most of your appointments by taking time to prepare for and manage your doctor visits Take Time to Prepare for and Manage Your Doctor Visits Cancer Today article by Hester Hill Schnipper, former manager of oncology social work at Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr., Boston
Magnolia Purpose in Planning program
Advance care planning, organizing and prioritizing financial and legal affairs, managing legal decisions Magnolia Purpose in Planning is offered through Eisai, Inc. 919-941-6920
Triage Cancer [email protected] 424-258-4628
Imbruvica (ibrutinib) personal assistance for patients Talk with a YOU&I Nurse Educator 877-877-3536 Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation 800-652-6227
Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) Learn about primary immunodeficiencies (PI) [email protected] 800-296-4433
Lazarex Care Patient Assistance Clinical trial navigation and transportation is external) 925-820-4517 [email protected]
Making the Decision to Travel A resource guide with guidelines and safety protocols from Connections Housing with links to recognized U.S. health and travel authorities
Medical Bill Management Management and advocacy services  to help cancer patients avoid overpaying for health care offered by CoPatient through Triage Cancer


[email protected]    800-797-8942


Medicare Extra Help Patient Access Network (PAN) education and financial assistance hub for people on Medicare


Medication Resource for Blood Cancer Patients Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Handbook – read or download
Nutrition Consult Free one-on-one oncology nutrition consult with a Registered Dietician Offered by Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Schedule an appointment online – 800-955-4572 – Nutrition HandbookFood and Nutrition Fact Sheet
Patient AirLift Services (PALS) Free medical flights for patients and Veterans 888-818-1231 or 631-694-7257
Pet Awareness and Wellness Webinar Joys and challenges of Pets in Your Home When You Have Cancer

Podcast from CancerCare


Practical Guide to Cancer Rights Introduction to legal, employment, insurance and financial issues people face after cancer diagnosis

Handbook from Triage Cancer, March 2021

[email protected]

Prescription Drug Assistance Understanding how your insurance covers your prescription drugs and available resources to help reduce costs

From Triage Cancer Quick Guide: Getting & Paying for Prescription Drugs 

[email protected]

Screening & Prevention Keep recommended cancer screenings on track

Speak with a support specialist and learn about screening options in your area  855-537-2733

Time to Screen

Seniors –Guide to Cancer Rights
Disability, health insurance, retirement options, tools for planning ahead and other concerns for older adults

Practical Guide for Older Adults from Triage Cancer

[email protected]


Side Effects Management Free info and  booklets in multiple languages for a variety of symptoms and side effects

Order or download


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 800-955-4572

TED Talk by Julie Larson, LCSW – 2021 (14 min) Message of resilience to illuminate the possibility that even in the midst of real suffering we can find our footing (14 min)

Julie Larson – TEDx Des Moines – Living in the And

Julie Larson, LCSW 

Write a Free Will in Less Than 20 Minutes Create or update your legally binding Last Will & Testament  and other end-of-life planning documents online

Patient Access Network (PAN Foundation)


FreeWill Co., A Delaware Public Benefit Corporation

Young Adults – Guide to Cancer Rights For young adults with a cancer diagnosis.  This booklet addresses education, employment, insurance & finances

Practical Guide for Young Adults from Triage Cancer

[email protected]   424-258-4628

Young Adults Survivorship Workbook
Age-appropriate information you need throughout diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and long-term management of a blood cancer

From the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society



See the full list of IWMF Partners. 

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