Nutrition and Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is self-care aimed at relieving difficulties like pain, fatigue, and depression associated with WM through nonpharmacological therapies. It’s a non-curative complementary support, unrelated to prognosis, designed to improve quality of life for you, your family, and caregivers. It’s been well-documented that frail people do not do as well with cancer treatments as those who are physically strong. Physical wellness and optimal nutrition go hand in hand and are both hallmarks of self-help.

The following wellness resources, curated by the IWMF, are focused on nutrition and physical wellness. They can assist you in self-healing, improve your quality of life, and foster health promotion so that treatments can be more effective with fewer side effects.Rationale for Healthy Lifestyles to Reduce Cancer Risk

Rationale for Healthy Lifestyles to Reduce Cancer Risk

Nutritional Supplements

Many people with cancer take nutritional supplements in order to help minimize side effects of treatment or for general wellness. It’s very important to be aware that some of these supplements may interact with your cancer treatments and increase or lessen their effect. Always inform your oncologist of any nutritional supplements that you are taking.

Staying Active for Health and Quality of Life

Options for Flexibility, Balance, and Relaxation

Sleep Promotion