Newly Diagnosed?

With the IWMF, You are Never Alone

Getting a diagnosis of WM can feel overwhelming. Tap in to our comprehensive resources about this rare disease and find the information you need to get your questions answered.

IWMF Resources for the Newly Diagnosed

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IWMF Brochure

Learn more about the organization by downloading our comprehensive brochure, About the IWMF. Share it with your friends, family, and healthcare team.

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Find answers to your most pressing questions about WM. Download our Frequently Asked Questions booklet, written in a Q&A format for easy reading.

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Medical Tests

To better understand the purpose and results of medical tests used to diagnose and monitor WM, consult our reference booklet, Medical Tests.


Info Pak

Get our comprehensive packet of information, which includes the most current, easy-to-understand information, designed specifically for the newly diagnosed.

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Educational Resources

Access a variety of educational resources to learn more about your disease: webinars; the IWMF Torch, our quarterly magazine; and our annual Educational Forum.

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Get Support

Find all the support you need with our global support groups, the physicians directory, our online forum, and our telephone support LIFELINE, and more.

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Get Involved with the IWMF

The IWMF exists to support you! Join the IWMF community and become part of an international group of people affected by Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia.


Your gift to the IWMF funds information, education, and support programs, and advances research to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure for WM.


Put your unique talents and strengths to work toward helping us fulfill our mission by volunteering at the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation.