IWMF Connect and Online Discussion Forums

The IWMF sponsors a friendly Internet-based group discussion forum in English called IWMF Connect, where you can communicate with others, share experiences and insights, exchange information and get emotional support. The discussions typically focus on WM diagnosis, treatments, research, prognosis, side effects and related conditions. In addition, other important information is conveyed about patient advocacy, outreach to doctors, concerns of the newly diagnosed, information about IWMF’s research and educational activities.

To use IWMF Connect, you can either visit the discussion group page online or send an email message to the group.  Once a message is posted or emailed, all IWMF Connect group members will be able to view your message and respond to it. There are typically 20-30 messages per day. NOTE: you CAN set up your subscription to the group so that you are either notified immediately each time a message is sent or notified on a less frequent basis. Instructions for doing so are provided via the link below at “How to Manage Your IWMF Connect Subscription.”

You can join IWMF Connect by going to https://groups.io/g/iwmfconnect(link is external) and clicking the “Sign Up” icon in the upper right hand corner.

Information for using IWMF Connect can be found in the following PDF guidelines:

Any questions can be directed at the IWMF Home Office at Office@iwmf.com

IWMF members may also participate in the following Internet-based WM group discussion forums: