Fundraise for IWMF

Fundraising for IWMF is a member-initiated and member-run activity.  Everyone in the IWMF community is invited to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in or hold an event, and to encourage their friends to donate on their behalf.

A fundraiser can be anything from an athletic event (walk, run, bike, swim) to a sale/auction (bake sale, lemonade stand, silent auction, apparel sale) to a hosted event (wine tasting, gala dinner, card party, poker competition, “night at the races”).  If you have a creative idea that would entice your network of family, friends, and acquaintances to give to the IWMF – click “Start a Fundraiser” to set up the event, and then provide the link/information to everyone on your list.

Naturally, these types of fundraisers will provide much needed financial resources for WM research and support services provided to patients and care partners.  The added bonus is that you’ll benefit personally from doing something on behalf of others, and you’ll build a sense of community in your own personal network, and in the WM community at large!

Don’t forget to use #waldenfriend ​when sharing updates on social media so that we can help cheer you on!

Good luck with your event!

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