For Medical Providers

The IWMF offers a wide range of support and activities designed to increase the knowledge and skills of medical professionals and to maximize care for WM patients.

IWMF Publications, the IWMF Torch magazine, IWMF Info Paks and Lymphoma Hub

IWMF Directory of WM Physicians

With the assistance of leading hematologist-oncologists worldwide, the IWMF has developed a Directory of WM Physicians who have expertise in treating WM. These experts have agreed to provide consultations to patients and other physicians.

Education: Meetings and NEWS

  • The IWMF Educational Forum is an annual two-day event held in various parts of the US, during which pre-eminent WM clinicians and researchers present the latest information on this disease. While this Educational Forum is intended primarily for patients, it does provide much of the basic WM diagnostic and treatment background in a format useful for healthcare professionals who are not knowledgeable about the disease.
    • Information about upcoming Educational Forums can be found here.
    • Presentations from past Educational Forums can be found here.
  • In its commitment to advancing WM-specific research, the IWMF regularly co-sponsors International Workshops on WM for clinicians and researchers. These workshops provide the opportunity for medical professionals from all over the world to share their research findings and to develop collaborative partnerships to further advance what is known about WM. Proceedings of past Workshops and the schedule for the next Workshop can be found here(link is external).
  • The IWMF publishes on the latest NEWS on WM and IWMF research and activities. For convenience. we also will send an email alert with access to our NEWS feed….click here to subscribe.
  • Since 2000 the IWMF has co-sponsored the IWWM International Doctor-Patient Forum. This one-day educational meeting occurs bi-annually in different parts of the world following the International Workshop on WM (IWWM) for Physicians/Researchers sponsored by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The International Doctor-Patient Forum provides the opportunity for global patients to be updated on the most current WM research and treatment options by leading international WM physicians/researchers who attend the International Workshop on WM. Presentations from the 2016 International Doctor – Patient Forum can be found here.

Funding Opportunities

  • RESEARCH – The IWMF is one of the main financial supporters of basic research and knowledge advancement on the pathophysiological basis for WM. Through its grant program the IWMF provides funds for basic biomedical research into the origins, clinical manifestations, treatments, and potential future cures for WM. A description of the IWMF’s research strategy can be found here. A list of current grant recipients is here, while past grant recipients can be found here. Information on applying for a grant can be found here.
  • YOUNG RESEARCH INVESTIGATORS – The IWMF assists in funding the professional development of young researchers who have an interest in WM, with the hope that they will build on their knowledge and that their work will result in new treatments for WM. In 2014, the IWMF, together with several IWMF affiliates, sponsored and funded four Young Research Investigators to attend the 8th International Workshop on WM in London, England. Again in 2016, the IWMF contributed to the 9th International Workshop on WM in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by funding eleven up-and-coming young researchers to present their award-winning research (oral and poster). Based on availability of funds, the IWMF plans to continue with this initiative.

Resources for Your Patients

The IWMF provides the latest information to people with WM and their loved ones through a comprehensive set of Member Services including education, publications, and other support programs. The following services are helpful resources for your patients and valuable supplements to your current practice:

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