Relaxation Guidance Programs at the IWMF

Are you having a low energy day, are you undergoing treatment and need extra support, or do you just need some relaxation? Try one of our nourishing self-care practices that can be done from your bed or the infusion chair.

Yoga Nidra30 minutes of transformative rest

Yoga Nidra has been shown to decrease stress levels, improve sleep quality, elevate well-being, and increase the mindfulness of the participants.

This 30-minute guided relaxation session is done while lying down, with support and blankets to allow the body to fully relax. Yoga Nidra contains breathing cues and a systematic sequence of body awareness that can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and increase the amount of alpha-waves in the brain. Give yourself permission to relax and rest, while setting intentions for personal growth and exploring the deeper self. Set to the backdrop of gently played singing bowls.

Be prepared:

  • You can be seated in a comfy chair, or you can recline on a bed, couch, or the floor. Please have all the supports you need to feel as comfortable as possible (a pillow under the head, pillows under the knees if you’re reclining).
  • Stick around for our optional community chat after to share how you’re feeling or connect with other WM friends.


To join the mailing list for Yoga Nidra, reach out to our Wellness Program Coordinator:

What our WM friends are saying:

“I’ve used your recording four times in two days and have enjoyed more deep breathing in this period than I’ve had over many months!! The impact of your very calm voice and guidance has been truly amazing.” – Lu K.

“It’s nearly bedtime here in London, so I’m wonderfully relaxed and ready for sleep! I usually have trouble stopping my mind rushing around all the time. I feel wonderfully calm.” Joy K

“This session provided me with a respite from fatigue. Thank you.” – Larry F.

Sound Meditation – 30 minutes of aural relaxation

Relax to the sound of authentic Himalayan Singing bowls, with gentle verbal guidance and healing chants to further calm the nervous system.

Research studies have shown that sound meditation with singing bowls reduced tension and increased feelings of spiritual well-being in its participants and could be useful for those experiencing fatigue, chronic stress, depression, or anxiety. Following the sound meditation, participants reported significantly less tension, anger, fatigue, and depressed mood.

Be prepared:

  • Set up your space so you will be able to hear well. Use headphones or a speaker if that will provide you with a higher quality of audio.
  • You can do this practice lying down on a bed or couch.
  • A blanket or light cover is optional, with supports under the head and knees if needed.
  • If lying down is uncomfortable, you can do this seated.

To join the mailing list for Sound Meditation, reach out to our Wellness Program Coordinator:  See Calendar (below?)


What our WM friends are saying: 

“Today was my first time and it felt wonderful. My arthritis pain is much less now after the sound meditation session – I usually experience it in every joint. Laying here relaxing like that was exactly what I needed.”

“The Sound Meditation class has helped me realize that it is okay to sit and relax and enjoy the sounds of the bowls to help me heal and rejuvenate my body from treatments and now surgical recovery.”

“This helps me escape from my tinnitus and body pain.”

“Thank you for leading us into a state of total relaxation and calmness. Your voice was SO soothing. The harmonics calmed my racing mind.”

“Apart from being so peaceful and lovely, it really helps my constant tinnitus.”

Instructor: Ann Grace MacMullan E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Ann Grace MacMullan is a certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist (E-RYT 500, C-IAYT) and the IWMF Wellness Program Coordinator. She enjoys uplifting the WM community through breath-connected movement, mindfulness, sound healing, and by creating a supportive group environment on Zoom. Her father was diagnosed with WM in 2019. She has completed Level 1 Atma Buti® Sound Healing Method and integrates sound healing techniques into her practice when appropriate.

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Note: The IWMF Wellness Program offers complementary or integrative practices to be used in conjunction with standard medical treatment, with the approval of your doctor.