Zachary Hunter, PhD Presentations

What is New in Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia Research

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 2020 WM Foundation Canada (WMFC) Seminar with Patients
The WMFC (the Canadian affiliate of the IWMF) was proud to have Dr. Zachary Hunter of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute join the Atlantic Canada WM Support Group for a recent virtual meeting. Dr Hunter described the latest research into Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. After his talk, he took questions from the participants and described the most recent research project he is taking on with the financial backing of the WMFC, IWMF, LLS and the Leukemia Foundation of Australia.

A Deep Dive into the Genomics of WM

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 2019 Ed Forum
Teaches the newly diagnosed and veteran patients genetics, genomics, epigenetics, the genomics of WM, and using mutation status to understand responses to ibrutinib. Additionally, Dr. Hunter introduces us to the expression of BCL2 family members in WM, validation of CXCL13 correlation with bone marrow and hemoglobin in WM, the signaling pathways driven by mutated MYD88 in WM, the effect of cytokines that protect clones from ibrutinib, and new drugs in clinical trials (HCK inhibitors and MAPK/ERK inhibitors).

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WM: Genomic & Treatment Advances

Zachary Hunter, PhD, Guang Yang, PhD, Steve Treon, MD, PhD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2018 Ed Forum
Three researchers discuss how MYD88 and CXCR4 mutations are common in WM with MYD88 activating BTK and HCK in WM cells, both targets of ibrutinib. Ibrutinib produces high response rates and durable responses in relapsed and refractory WM. No complete responses. Mutated CXCR4, aberrant IRAK and BCL2 signaling contribute to intrinsic resistance against ibrutinib. Multiple BTK mutations are common with acquired ibrutinib resistance and trigger ERK1/2 survival signaling. Novel strategies to overcome intrinsic and acquired resistance to ibrutinib, including targeting CXCR4, ERK, IRAK, and BCL2 signaling.

The Genetic Drivers of WM

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 2017 Ed Forum
Reviews the genetics, epigenetics, genomics of WM (MYD88 L265P and CXCR4 mutations), and the genomic response to treatment options

Biomarkers & Genomic Targets: MYD88 & CXCR4

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, IWWM9 Doctor-Patient Forum, 2016

MYD88, CXCR4, & the Molecular Basis of WM

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2016 Ed Forum
Reviews genetics, epigenetics and the epigenome, including the genomics of WM

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Impact of IWMF Funding for Basic Scientific Research on WM at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, 2015 Ed Forum
Dr. Hunter speaks about his research into WM with Dr. Treon at DFCI. He specifically mentions the importance of basic scientific research and the IWMF’s role in that research.  He also reveals that there is familial WM in his family, along with close family friends.

Genomic Landscape of WM (Making Sense of MYD88, CXCR4 and the Genetics of WM

Zachary Hunter, PhD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2015 Ed Forum
Discusses genetics, family inheritance, the genome, transcriptome, proteome, epigenome, and the genome of WM

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