Lisa J. Wise: “Love Letter to My Husband in Day 18 of Quarantine”


Diagnosed with WM in 1990, Lisa Wise has been mindfully practicing social distancing long before it was popular worldwide. After almost seven years of watch and wait, Lisa was treated with Bendamustine and Rituxan to address complications from bulky disease. Now three years post treatment, Lisa is feeling fabulous and living life to the fullest but her disease is slowly progressing and she will need to be treated again at some point in the future. This month her husband of 32 years was diagnosed with Covid-19 and he spent 18 days under extremely strict quarantine in order to protect Lisa’s weakened immune system from exposure. This love letter was written to her husband on the day he was going to be given physician’s permission to leave isolation. It is Lisa’s hope that her story will help encourage others to appreciate the most important relationships in their lives and celebrate them madly and wholeheartedly, despite the inevitable squabbles about taking out the trash the right way (it will all make sense when you read the story). Lisa is deeply grateful for the strong, knowledgeable and supportive WM global community and she benefits from their inspiring wisdom and insights every day in her work as IWMF Vice Chair of Member Services, Support Group Leader in Eastern Pennsylvania and Lifeline volunteer. Spoiler alert: Lisa’s husband is recovering beautifully from the virus and gaining strength every day. Their family is thankful beyond words.

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