Coming up in May: Eating Well to Live Well with WM with Laura Pole, RN

May 30th 1-2:30pm EDT

Join Chef and Integrative Oncology Nurse Navigator Laura Pole to learn how nourishment can support your health and help manage some common symptoms of WM, such as fatigue. Go beyond basic nutrition by exploring the principles of health-supportive food selection that emphasize nourishment on a holistic level. We’ll tackle some of the practical aspects of translating a dietary prescription to a plate of delicious healthy food, and Chef Laura will also share a quick and easy recipe! Create a shift in your perspective from “watchful waiting” to “active surveillance;” where self-care practices such as eating well can contribute meaningfully to living well with a chronic illness.

Laura Pole is the Director of Nourishment Education Programs at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, as well as the head chef for their cancer retreats. Her popular cooking classes are centered on helping participants translate a diet prescription to a plate of nourishing delicious food. She has created and coordinated trainings for professionals and patients in culinary translation, cooking for people with serious illness and integrative oncology navigation. She is also the Senior Clinical Consultant for the CancerChoices integrative cancer care website. As an oncology clinical nurse specialist, integrative oncology nurse navigator and culinary translator, Laura has been caring for people with serious illness for over 40 years.