Mary McMaster, MD Presentations

Predisposition to WM: Overview & Current Updates

Mary Lou McMaster, MD – National Institutes of Health, 2018 Ed Forum
Presents evidence that the risk for WM depends on a combination of genes, environmental exposures, and possibly lifestyle factors

Research on WM at the National Cancer Institute

Mary McMaster, MD – National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Ed Forum 2015
Dr. McMaster explains how she came to be involved with WM and discusses her interest and research into the familial aspects of WM at the US National Cancer Institute.

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Familial WM

Mary L. McMaster, MD - National Institutes of Health, 2015 Ed Forum
Explores why WM sometimes clusters in families, is WM in families different from non-familial WM, why some people are susceptible to WM, factors that increase risk for WM, genetics, and environmental lifestyle

Etudes Sur les Familles de Malades Waldenstrom (en français)

Waldenstrom's and MGUS in Families: Your Questions and Answers

Dr. Mary Lou McMaster of NIH discusses WM biology and treatments and focuses on the topic of familial WM in her presentation to the Northern Virginia IWMF Support Group in October 2014. This video is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in length. Anyone wishing to view it in segments can use the following as a guide: 0 to 33 minutes - general discussion of WM, IgM, and B-cell biology; 33 minutes to 1 hour - review of the principles of WM progression and treatment; 1 hour to end - familial WM and susceptibility.

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