The IWMF is proud of our financial assistance program in partnership with The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)!

The IWMF Travel & Lodging (T&L) Assistance Program has been providing individuals diagnosed with WM, or those being evaluated for the disease, with financial assistance related to second opinion or diagnosis confirmation appointments. With WM being a rare disease, having a second opinion with a WM specialist can be critical to confirm diagnosis and course of treatment.

The T&L Program also offers financial assistance for travel related to clinical trial eligibility screening or first clinical trial visit (not being paid for by trial sponsor) up to the program’s established financial limit.

In addition, at the beginning of 2024, we expanded our program with an annual grant for travel to regularly scheduled WM-related appointments!

Community members inside AND outside of the U.S. may qualify. Apply today!

CLICK HERE for the NORD flyer

For further information or to apply for this program, contact NORD Monday-Friday between 8:30AM – 6:00PM EDT: 203-308-5902 or

Please note that funding is limited.