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Honorariums & Special Occasions

Donating in celebration of a birthday, commitment ceremonies, wedding, anniversary (both personal and corporate), retirement, festive or religious occasion is a wonderful way to add meaning to a special day.

One way to accomplish this is to ask for donations to the IWMF in lieu of gifts. Another is for you to make a donation to the IWMF in lieu of gifts to others.

As the gift giver, it’s often difficult to think of appropriate gifts for your loved ones, friends and colleagues. A donation to IWMF for Member Services and Research is a wonderful alternative to traditional gift-giving, and once the donation is made, the IWMF will send a letter informing that ‘special someone’ of your kind donation.

If you’re hosting an engagement party, wedding, or larger event, many people may prefer to give a donation to the IWMF in place of traditional party favors. Distributing thank you cards to your guests is a wonderful way to acknowledge that you have given a donation to the IWMF in lieu of a thank you gift.

In addition to direct contributions to the IWMF, individuals have sometimes independently created supplementary fund raising opportunities for the IWMF. An article in the April 2013 issue of the Torch highlights some of the fund-raising activities undertaken by our members.

If you wish to honor someone with a gift to the IWMF, you may do so here(link is external).

If you want the IWMF to notify the family or a friend of your gift, indicate on the form the name and address of the person you wish to have notified. We will send him or her an acknowledgement of your thoughtfulness without mention of your gift amount.  We will also send you an acknowledgement letter for your tax records.