Edward Stadtmauer, MD Presentations

Great Debates in WM

Moderated by Carl Harrington- IWMF President
Rituxan Maintenance vs. No Maintenance
Morton Coleman MD – Weill Cornell Medical College vs. Stephen Ansell MD, PhD – Mayo Clinic, 2019 Ed Forum
Limited Treatment Duration vs. Continuous Pill
Edward Stadtmauer, MD – University of Pennsylvania vs. Jorge Castillo, MD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2019 Ed Forum
The experts debate hot topics in long term treatment decisions for WM

The Power of Choice: Current Treatment Options for WM

Edward Stadtmauer, MD – University of Pennsylvania, 2019 Ed Forum
Reviews the diagnostic criteria, manifestations of the disease, International Staging System for prognosis for WM, diagnoses that can be confused with WM, why everyone is not treated at diagnosis, guidelines for initiation of therapy, and therapeutic landscape of WM, including the multiple treatment options for WM, plus new treatments on the horizon, and challenges in providing treatment.

Cellular Immunotherapy for Lymphoid Cancers

Edward Stadtmauer, MD, University of Pennsylvania, 2016 Ed Forum
Covers the manifestations of WM, immunologic approaches to overcome self-tolerance in lymphoma, rationale for cellular immunotherapy in lymphoma, adoptive T-cell therapy, second generation of CAR for B-cell malignancies, overview of activated/engineered T-cell therapy, CD19-targeted CAR T-cells for B-cell malignancies, phase I trial for CLL, results with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma and adverse events, pilot study of CART19 in multiple myeloma, CART-BCMA cells for multiple myeloma, and potential strategies to improve CART therapy in lymphoma