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A Unique Survey for a unique type of cancer

Lymphoma and CLL are different than most other types of cancer, so the experience of living with these diseases is also unique. To better understand and help those affected by lymphoma, the Lymphoma Coalition, a worldwide network of lymphoma patient organizations, conducts the Global Patient Survey on Lymphomas & CLL. Administered every two years, this survey focuses on the diagnosis, treatment for lymphomas, emotional well-being when living with lymphoma, clinical trial participation, and more.

“When you share your experiences, you are helping others just like you,” says Lorna Warwick, CEO of Lymphoma Coalition. “You can make an impact across the healthcare spectrum at home and abroad – from improving care at the bedside to accelerating decisions that improve health policy.”

The 2024 Global Patient Survey is open to individuals 18 and over living with lymphoma, including CLL, and caregivers. Available in English, Spanish, and 18 other languages, the survey takes ~30 minutes for patients and ~20 minutes for caregivers.

The survey will close soon. Find out more about the current and past surveys HERE.