Morton Coleman, MD Presentations

Great Debates in WM

Moderated by Carl Harrington- IWMF President
Rituxan Maintenance vs. No Maintenance
Morton Coleman MD – Weill Cornell Medical College vs. Stephen Ansell MD, PhD – Mayo Clinic, 2019 Ed Forum
Limited Treatment Duration vs. Continuous Pill
Edward Stadtmauer, MD – University of Pennsylvania vs. Jorge Castillo, MD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2019 Ed Forum
The experts debate hot topics in long term treatment decisions for WM

Global View of Indolent Lymphomas & WM (WM: An Exciting Upbeat Story)

Morton Coleman, MD – Weill Cornell Medical College, 2016 Ed Forum
Discusses the frequency of various lymphoma subtypes in adults, with emphasis on WM and cancer drug development and reviews the signaling pathways in WM, drugs that inhibit WM cell survival and discusses the challenges of combining drugs and limiting side effects