Gwen Nichols, MD Presentations

Clinical Trials & Why They Are Important

Gwen Nichols, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), 2018 Ed Forum
Explains how all the medicines you take today are only available because patients participated in various stages of clinical trial development, goes into depth on how a drug gets developed and goes through phase I, II, and III clinical trials, why clinical trials take so long and what is being done to speed them up, provides an overview of the LLS Clinical Trials Service Center (CTSC), and the LLS Patient Registry, a “real world” clinical trial

The Clinical Trials Process (an educated patient’s guide)

Gwen Nichols, MD – Hoffmann-LaRoche Translational and Clinical Research Center, 2014 Ed Forum
Raises questions about clinical trials, do they work and how to become an educated consumer, and covers the drug development process, clinical trials and the 5 “Ws,” clinical trial lingo, why drug development takes so long, questions to ask about trial participation (questions to ask your MD and yourself)

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