With nearly 3 million active monthly users, Facebook is a great place to raise money and awareness for causes like the IWMF.


Creating a Facebook fundraiser is an easy way to raise money for the IWMF because the setup is simple and cost-effective. In addition to its accessibility, the Facebook platform’s larger user base means your campaign has the potential to reach a wider audience. Users can easily share their fundraiser with their network of followers, who can then donate and share with their network, and so on.

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser to celebrate your birthday or anniversary, or to honor someone else, is easy, and we have created a NEW step-by-step guide on our website HERE to guide you through the Facebook fundraiser set-up process.

If you need additional information about setting up a Facebook fundraiser, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at apreston@iwmf.com or 317-919-8238.

Thank you and happy fundraising,

Annette Preston, CFRE, CFRM

Director, Donor Engagement