International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation


European WM Patient Forum

Watch presentations from global experts and patients at the first-ever European WM Patient Forum, co-hosted by the IWMF and WMUK. This meeting was held in Amsterdam and Birmingham on 21 October 2023.

Opening Remarks with Newton Guerin, President & CEO, IWMF

Linking up with Amsterdam and Birmingham

WM in the Body with Dr. Dima El Sharkawi

WM in the Body with Dr. Josephine Vos

Living with WM by Dr. MJ Kersten

Living with WM by Dr. Shirley D’Sa

Living with WM

Current Treatment Landscape with Dr. Christian Buske

Current Treatment Landscape Q&A

Clinical Trials with Prof. Monique Minnema

Clinical Trials with Dr. Harriet Scorer

What’s new in WM with Dr. Simone Ferrero

Fatigue with Isabella Jones and Vern Middleton

Active Monitoring with Dr. Shirley D’Sa

Mental Health with Dr. Sarah Dwinger

Ask HCP Panel

WM Symptoms Panel – UK Only

Research and Data Panel – UK Only

WM Symptoms Panel – UK Only

Closing Remarks with Newton Guerin

Dutch :Remarks with Newton Guerin

German :Remarks with Newton Guerin

Spanish :Remarks with Newton Guerin

French :Remarks with Newton Guerin


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