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Investigators aim to present important WM Quality of Life data at International Conference – YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!

A huge congratulations and thank you to the 96 of 340 (28%) WhiMSICAL participants who have already completed the newly launched Quality of Life questionnaire at Question 20! This amazing response rate has fast-tracked the ability of the WhiMSICAL Principal Investigators to analyze and publicize this important data, to be submitted to the forthcoming ICML International Lymphoma meeting in Switzerland.

All remaining WhiMSICAL members are now encouraged to enter their Quality of Life information in WhiMSICAL’s Question 20 at is external) . It takes about 5-15 minutes. Just log into your account and select question 20.

The investigators require 150 participants by the deadline of Wednesday 20th February, in time for the abstract submission to the conference. This number will allow for mapping quality of life and treatment data, an increasingly important type of data for applications to funding bodies for approval of new treatments. Your completion of the survey makes you part of the “Patient Voice”, which is so important for the research of this rare disease. While logging in to complete the survey, please remember to update any new treatment details.

If you haven’t signed up yet to participate in WhiMSICAL, please do so now at is external). For further information, CLICK HERE(link is external). And once you sign up, don’t forget to enter the new quality of life data in question 20!


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