Fifty WMers from the Philly WM Support Group enjoyed a lively, engaging and informative conversation with Dr. Jorge Castillo, Clinical Director of the Bing Center for Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. They had a plethora of pre-submitted questions answered, learned more about WM and Covid-19 and enjoyed seeing each other’s smiling faces during this stressful time of sheltering in place. The IWMF is excited to share a link to this fascinating meeting with you and hopes that you enjoy watching this remote Zoom meeting and feeling the warm connection to your fellow WMers!

Link to Recording HERE(link is external) and the Password is 9s#j0c.$ 

*Please note, there is a zero after the j in the password and a period before the $ sign. We also recommend manually entering in the password. 

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