International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation



The newest IWMF Affiliate, under the leadership of Roger Yao, will be based in Shanghai. Roger has a family member who was diagnosed with WM in 2017. He and his family have experienced first-hand the value of information about WM and the support needs of patients. Whether one lives in a large Chinese city or a rural area with little access to physicians with WM experience, Roger feels the IWMF website (which can be accessed in Chinese), our Booklets (Treatment Option Guides and Facts Sheets, which have been translated into Chinese), our Directory of Physicians for consultation, and information on the research we are funding are of tremendous value.

Roger YaoRoger hopes to add to the services we provide by adding in-country education, sharing of experiences, information and emotional support. He already has created a service called “WM-Together”, which will enable him to easily connect with and share information via text and video on mobile phones to Support Group members across China who would like to participate.


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