International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation


The 2nd Annual Walk for Waldenstrom’s will take place at the IWMF Patient Educational Forum in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois. This year, during the Walk, besides getting fresh air, healthy exercise, and sharing good company, walkers will have the option to help others on their journey with WM by raising money to support the vision of the IWMF: “Support everyone affected by Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia while advancing the search for a cure!”

As many of you know, just recently, the IWMF took advantage of the 2018 Giving Challenge, and encouraged everyone to participate. The response was overwhelming, and we were able to raise over $150,000, thanks to all of you! So, if you’ve already raised money for the IWMF, consider joining the Walk in appreciation for those who gave to the IWMF. If you missed the opportunity to participate in the Giving Challenge, consider taking advantage of the Walk opportunity to encourage your friends and family to give on your behalf.

Even if you are not planning to attend the Educational Forum, you too can participate by walking in your neighborhood. You can choose to walk on the same day and time (Sunday, May 20 at 6:30am Central Daylight Time), or whatever day and time that suits you.

Encouraging others to donate on your behalf is easy – you can get more details and can register for using the online fundraising platform (click the “Walk for Waldenstrom’s” button to get started, and once there, click the “Join This Team” button).

If you can’t walk or don’t wish to fundraise, consider donating on fellow walkers’ behalf – you can find a current list of walkers here(link is external).

NOTE: We encourage everyone to join us in person or virtually for the 2nd Annual Walk for Waldenstrom’s! Please know that being a fundraiser during the Walk is NOT a requirement – all we ask is that you help make the event a success, show support for each other, and send our appreciation to those who have given and/or volunteered to help WMers around the world. (For those planning to attend the Ed Forum, rest assured, the Walk is NOT a mandatory event, and if you do walk with us on Sunday morning, being a fundraiser is NOT a requirement for admittance to the Walk.)

(*Disclaimer: Please note that to keep prices as low as possible, we have kept the markup price to the minimum. Although any royalties do benefit the IWMF, these items are being offered primarily to celebrate the Walk, and our organization receives only 1% of the revenue from each sale. We appreciate all kinds of support, but kindly suggest that those who would like to give monetarily to the IWMF do so directly via our website.)


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