International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation



The IWMF Judith May Volunteer of the Year Award is given annually to a volunteer who has made far-reaching contributions to the well-being of the WM community and who reflects the spirit of volunteerism, which is the core principle of the award.

Following a distinguished career that included being CEO of a UK environmental charity and an early retirement career as a photographer, Roger, a WM patient, turned his focus and talents toward the WM community. Roger’s strong leadership and dedication led to the establishment in 2011 of a vibrant and cohesive UK community of WM patients, caregivers and medical professionals. With no staff and just a few volunteers, Roger initiated and manages many WMUK support services, including a website, online forum, LIFELINE, educational doctor-patient meetings, advocacy and an online registry for a patient treatment outcomes database. In addition, Roger’s leadership extends across Europe in his role as a Board member of the European WM Network (EWMN), and internationally through his collaborative efforts with the IWMF.

Roger’s recognition for his leadership and dedication to helping WM patients was further exemplified by a standing ovation from appreciative WM patient and caregivers at the June 2016 IWMF Ed Forum.