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Presentations for Managing Side Effects

Take Home Messages about WM

Morie Gertz, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 2019 Ed Forum
Teaches us about the incidence rates of WM, prevalence of IgM MGUS and smoldering WM, how MYD88 and CXCR4 impact outcomes in WM, MYD88 and transformation risk, hyperviscosity and when therapy is required, how WM affects the kidney (including amyloidosis), chemotherapy treatment of WM, how long responses last until new therapy is required, and strategies to monitor and manage adverse events associated with novel therapies for WM

Peripheral Neuropathy

Tom Hoffmann, MD – IWMF Trustee, 2019 Ed Forum
Provides an in-depth review of the epidemiology, etiology, common cancers causing peripheral neuropathy, drugs related neuropathies, how neuropathy is evaluated, what tests are ordered, and facts about peripheral neuropathy relative to WM, including available treatments.

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Fact or Fiction: Nutrition and Cancer Myths

Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD/LDN, CSO – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2019 Ed Forum
Helps us understand the latest research on dietary supplements during cancer treatment and interdisciplinary focused integrative therapies for oncology patients (acupuncture, reiki, massage therapy, mindfulness). Provides reliable resources for assisting patients in choosing integrative therapies.

Cancer and Fatigue

Colleen Erb, MSN, CRNP, ACNP-BC, AOCNP– University of Pennsylvania, 2019 Ed Forum
Reviews cancer-related fatigue relative to quality of life issues, what causes fatigue to worsen, treatable contributing factors, other than disease or chemotherapy, other diseases that can add to fatigue, and what are the general strategies to manage fatigue

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Rare Complications of WM

Jorge Castillo, MD – Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 2019 Ed Forum
Discusses the following complications and their management: hyperviscosity, cryoglobulins, cold agglutinins, peripheral neuropathy, renal disease, and Bing-Neel syndrome.

Unusual Conditions in WM

Morie Gertz, MD, MACP – Mayo Clinic Rochester, 2018 Ed Forum
Discusses amyloidosis, MGUS neuropathy, cold agglutinin, cryoglobulinemia, large cell transformation, central nervous system in WM (Bing Neel), and MGRS (monoclonal gammopathy of renal significance)

Peripheral Neuropathy

Guy Sherwood, MD – IWMF Vice President for Research, 2018 Ed Forum
Reviews the definition of peripheral neuropathy, signs and symptoms, prevalence, mechanism, anti-neural antigens of IgM, diagnosis, nerve conductions studies, and treatment strategies, including advice from WM’ers with PN in attendance

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Guy Sherwood, MD - IWMF Vice President for Research, 2017 Ed Forum

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New Insights into the Biology & Therapy of WM

Steven Treon, MD, PhD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 2017 Ed Forum
Discusses manifestations of WM, side effects, genomics, treatment options, upfront treatment and relapsed/refractory treatment approaches

The Map of Current Treatment Options for WM

Craig Reeder, MD – Mayo Clinic Arizona, 2017 Ed Forum
Reviews indications for therapy, differences in drug classes, side effects of therapy, treatment options for newly diagnosed and relapsed/refractory patients, and discusses the role of stem cell transplant

Disease Morbidities II: IgM Related Disorders, Hyperviscosity, & Cryos

Josephine Vos, MD – St. Antonius Hospital, NL, IWWM9 Doctor-Patient Forum, 2016

Disease Morbidities I: Peripheral Neuropathy, Bing Neel, Renal, Amyloid

Monique Minnema MD - University Medical Center, Utrecht, NL, IWWM9 Doctor-Patient Forum, 2016

Global View of Indolent Lymphomas & WM (WM: An Exciting Upbeat Story)

Morton Coleman, MD – Weill Cornell Medical College, 2016 Ed Forum
Discusses the frequency of various lymphoma subtypes in adults, with emphasis on WM and cancer drug development and reviews the signaling pathways in WM, drugs that inhibit WM cell survival and discusses the challenges of combining drugs and limiting side effects

Peripheral Neuropathy

Guy Sherwood, MD - IWMF Vice President for Research, 2016 Ed Forum

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WM and the Eye

Maureen Hanley, OD, New England College of Optometry, 2016 Ed Forum
Provides an insight into normal aging versus WM related issues, such as conjunctival pallor as simple screening for anemia, subconjunctival hemorrhages and plasmapheresis, dry eye, corneal changes with WM, cataracts, retinal changes with anemia and WM, maculopathy, even if IgM is not high, and increased risk of glaucoma

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Frontline Treatment Options for WM

Jorge Castillo, MD - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 2016 Ed Forum
Reviews the manifestations of WM disease, NCCN guidelines for initiation of treatment for WM, single agent treatments, combination therapies, maintenance, and new directions, including frontier clinical trials at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

IWMF Research Roadmap Overview & Bone Marrow Tumor Microenvironment

Stephen Ansell, MD, PhD - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 2016 Ed Forum
Covers what is unique about WM, as well as, genomics, epigenomics, MYD88 L265P and CXCR4 mutations, survival, and treatment options

Peripheral Neuropathy

Guy Sherwood, MD – IWMF Vice President for Research, 2014 Ed Forum
Reviews the definition, classification, prevalence, signs and symptoms, mechanism of PN, discusses the anti-neural antigens of IgM, as well as the treatment of PN with questions that should be asked by patients for their doctor

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Managing the Side Effects of Treatment

Jeffrey Matous, MD - Colorado Blood Cancer Institute, 2014 Ed Forum
Raises questions about disease vs. treatment side effects, WM symptoms vs, manifestations, other problems that arise with the diagnosis of WM, treatments for WM, and common side effects

Traditional Therapies for WM

Christine Chen, MD - Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto, 2014 Ed Forum
Reviews the treatment options for patients with WM and side effects of the therapies

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