The 2017 IWMF Educational Forum will take place in Phoenix, Arizona from May 19-21, 2017, and will be the one place where everyone speaks the same disease language and fully understand what you’re going through. It also will be the one place where you can learn from top researchers and clinicians (and fellow patients and caregivers) about the latest and greatest in terms of symptom management, treatment options, and survivorship.

The IWMF Ed Forum is THE place for one-stop shopping for every WM patient and caregiver around the world!

If you need further convincing as to why you should attend, the latest IWMF Torch issue January, 2017 presented a Top Ten list of reasons to be there:

10. Engage with the world’s leading WM experts and superstars.
9. Connect with your old WM friends from across the globe.
8. Meet lots of new WM friends who understand your journey.
7. Attend the exciting Early Bird Session “The ABCs of WM,” which is open to ALL, not just newbies.
6. Come see why IWMF President Carl Harrington is right when he states: “You are not alone!”
5. Enjoy the very popular “Ask the Doctor” panel discussion.
4. Mingle at the President’s Reception and enjoy the festive Welcome Dinner alongside IWMF Trustees and world-class physicians.
3. Explore a plethora of different and diverse Breakout Sessions addressing multiple issues and hot topics.
2. Are you a Support Group Leader? Be sure to attend the informative half-day workshop on Thursday, May 18, led by Marcia Klepac, IWMF Support Group Coordinator.
1. Do you really need a reason for a springtime escape to relax and recharge in amazing Arizona???

You can register now (you’ll also find additional information about the 2017 IWMF Educational Forum and a preliminary agenda for the event). NOTE: you’ll have to register separately for your hotel stay if you need it; full details are on the link provided.

The IWMF Board Members and Staff, and your IWMF “waldenfriends” from around the world are looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix in May!