View Video About Dr. Robert Kyle from Mayo Clinic Kyle Symposium
31 Jul, 2019

At the 2019 Robert Kyle Symposium, held in March at Rochester, MN, Dr. Morie Gertz gave a presentation entitled “Life and Legacy of Dr. Robert A. Kyle.” The presentation touched on the significance of Dr. Kyle to the hematology community, and provides a glimpse into the life and amazing accomplishments of Dr. Kyle – accomplishments that continue to benefit all WM patients around the world!

Click here(link is external) to view the video and learn more about Dr. Robert Kyle.

Dr. Kyle himself also spoke at the symposium, on the topic of “Multiple Myeloma: A Journey Through the Ages,” where he also spoke about WM and Dr. Jan Waldenström. You can see the video here(link is external).

Additionally, for photos and further details, click here(link is external) to see the article “Robert Kyle: A Conversation with the Editor,” published in October, 2010 in the Baylor University Medical Proceedings.

Dr. Kyle also has been an active board member of the IWMF since 2004.

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