IWMF Featured in Lymphoma Coalition Advertisement in USA Today
26 Feb, 2015

From February 27 to March 1, the Lymphoma Coalition (LC), an international network of lymphoma patient groups that includes the IWMF, will be running an ad in the USA Today newspaper as part of the newspaper’s “The Future of Blood Cancer” special publication during those days. As a key member of the LC, the IWMF logo will be among the logos prominently highlighted in the advertisement. Note that the ad will appear in the following markets: New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington D.C. with 450,000+ hard copies and over 1.4 million readers. The aim is to build blood cancer awareness. While the publication is only being circulated in print in the US, it should be noted that the LC and the IWMF are both international organizations.

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