IWMF Adds New Member to Board of Trustees: Linda Nelson
07 Dec, 2016
Linda Nelson in Italy

Linda Nelson, a recently retired pediatric dentist, has joined the IWMF Board of Trustees, and will initially assume the role of Publications Chairperson. Her combination of a strong medical background as a pediatric dental specialist treating children with leukemia, lymphomas, and many rare cancers, teaching dental residents, peer reviewing scientific publications, and as editor of medical journals is quite unique and will be of great benefit to the IWMF community, both in regard to member services and research activities.

The addition of Linda will enable the IWMF to maintain its leadership role in providing quality publications and medical information to IWMF patients and caregivers around the world. Incidentally, Linda, a WM patient who was first diagnosed in 2013, and whose mother passed away from WM, joins her husband and caregiver, Barry Nelson, on the Board. Barry joined the board in 2014 and serves as Webmaster and member of the IT Committee.

Please join us in welcoming Linda to the Board!

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