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It’s probably no surprise to the IWMF community that the “Stories of Hope” section of the IWMF website has consistently been one of the most visited locations on the website. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve updated the design and appearance of it! Anyone visiting the page will immediately see a photo related to the story, and a brief introduction to the story. We hope that this new look will make it easier for visitors to find stories that are of particular interest. To view the new page, just go to the IWMF website and click on the “Stories of Hope” in the menu.

Of course, we are very grateful for the patients and caregivers who, over the years, have taken the time to write (and/or make videos of) their stories – stories that serve as motivation and inspiration for everyone facing WM in their lives, whether newly diagnosed or a multi-year veteran.

Why not consider adding your story too, and sharing your experiences and insights with the IWMF family? As you can see from the stories on our website, although we share the same disease, each of us is travelling a different journey with it. The stories are a source of great comfort, and provide guidance to others who may be struggling with how to move forward.

To add your story, submit your contact details on the “webform” that appears at the link. Then, Elena Malunis, Vice President of Member Services, will contact you to get further details and give you instruction on next steps, so that your story can also be shared with the IWMF community around the world!


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