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WM patients may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation to help with high prescription co-pays and deductibles. The PAN Foundation is a national 501 (c)(3) charitable not-for-profit organization.  PAN was established in 2004 to provide financial assistance to patients with chronic or life-threatening illnesses who are underinsured and need help to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses for certain forms of cancer, chronic illnesses, and rare diseases. Since that time, PAN has provided more than $880 million to over 420,000 underinsured patients.  WM patients can qualify for PAN assistance as part of its Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Program, which allows a maximum award of $7,500 over 12 months for prescription cancer treatment. PAN is currently accepting applications for new and renewal patients. Eligibility criteria include the following:

 The patient should be insured, and insurance must cover the medication for which the patient
seeks assistance.
 The medication must treat the illness directly.
 The patient must reside in and receive treatment in the United States.
 The patient’s income must fall below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. (2015 Federal Poverty
Levels can be viewed at

As a sample calculation, Federal Poverty Levels for one-person and two-person households in the contiguous 48 States and the District of Columbia are $11,770 and $15,930, respectively. PAN eligibility for these households would allow income levels up to $47,080 and $63,720, respectively. Income includes wages, tips, salaries, IRA distributions, pensions, annuities, Social Security benefits, and other income (alimony, rental income, child support, etc.).

In order to apply, you will need income, insurance, and doctor information.

To apply for assistance, you can visit the PAN website at Apply online by selecting Online Application from the top menu, or you may also phone 1-866-316-7263 to speak to a Call Center Representative. Eligibility is determined almost immediately after submitting fully completed online or phone applications. If you qualify, PAN will send you an approval letter that includes details such as your award amount and your eligibility dates. You will also receive a separate letter containing a plastic pharmacy card to be used for any qualifying prescription drugs.

If a provider/pharmacist is applying on your behalf, that person can register and submit applications easily through the provider and pharmacy portals on the PAN website.

Assistance begins on your approval date and continues for 12 months. During your first eligibility period, eligible expenses incurred up to 90 days prior to your approval date may also be submitted.  Payment is made to the physician, pharmacy, or health care provider who supplies the treatment. In cases where you have already paid out-of-pocket for eligible expenses, reimbursement will be paid directly to you, upon approval of receipts. Following the first 12 months of eligibility, you may apply for a second grant, contingent upon availability of funds.


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