International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation


Recognizing the need to provide information about WM to those who don’t speak English, the IWMF is pleased to announce availability of publications in additional languages.

Many of our WM booklets and treatment fact sheets are now available in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish. These publications are written by medical professionals, and cover many aspects of WM and treatments.

The translation of these publications could not have been possible without the efforts of a group of dedicated volunteer doctors, patients and caregivers committed to providing valuable information to WM’ers whose native language is not English. The translation efforts were led by IWMF International Affiliate leaders: Dr. Jyh-Seng Wang of Taiwan, Patrice Ostermann of France, Flavia Mammoliti of Italy, and Dr. Graziella Molina of Argentina.

A complete list of our booklets and fact sheets, and language availability, can be found here.


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