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More good news on the world-wide expansion of support services for WM patients comes from Down under Australia. “WMozzies”, the IWMF Affiliate in Australia, is combining resources with the Leukaemia Foundation to provide nationwide WM patient Support Group coverage in Australia, with two new groups being established in Adelaide South Australia and Perth Western Australia.

WMozzies will work jointly with the Leukaemia Foundation’s highly trained support service team, consisting of some fifty nurses, social workers, psychologists and administration staff. Support services are available in 28 offices, both in metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia. Services provided by the Leukaemia Foundation for WMozzies will include emotional support, information, education programs, and advocacy.

Dr Peter Diamond will be the leader of the new Adelaide South Australia Support Group, based in the Leukaemia Foundation Adelaide office. He will represent WMozzies at the IWMF May 2015 Educational Forum and the April 30 IWMF Support Group Leaders workshop in Dallas.


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