International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation



Photo of Tom HoffmannTom Hoffmann, MD, a recently retired cardiac surgeon, has joined the IWMF Board of Trustees. While Tom has been an active volunteer member of the IWMF’s Research Committee since 2002, this is actually a “return engagement” for Tom, as he previously served on the Board from 2002-2004.

Tom brings to the Board a strong skill set in clinical and surgical practice (having performed heart and vascular surgeries including cardiac transplants in Arkansas since 1981), and a vast knowledge of WM treatments and protocols. In addition to serving on the IWMF’s Research Committee, he also has served as a Lifeline volunteer for clinical trials, and has been an active participant on the IWMF discussion list – IWMF Connect – since its inception, and has provided valuable input and feedback to medical questions posed by fellow list-members. List- members have come to know and respect Tom’s medical insight, based on his background and training, and the direct approach he takes to communicating with fellow WM patients and caregivers.

The addition of Dr. Hoffmann to the Board will enable the IWMF to continue to pursue its mission towards finding better treatments and a cure for WM, by utilizing his skills and extensive knowledge of medicine as it pertains to WM.

Tom was first diagnosed with WM in 1999 and was treated with solo Rituxan, as he had developed neuropathy prior to treatment, which made it difficult to perform complex cardiac surgery procedures. His symptoms at the time included neuropathy that started in the soles of his feet, and gradually climbed up to mid-thigh on both sides, and fatigue and shortness of breath. A one-month course of Rituxan resolved all his WM-related issues, except the neuropathy, which still resides in the soles. His remission is still ongoing and he is able to function well.

Tom lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been married for 28 years, has three children, and one grandchild. When he’s not doing volunteer work for the IWMF, or tending to his family, he can be found outside somewhere in nature: climbing, diving, digging, taking photos, gardening, hunting, sightseeing, etc.