International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation



This booklet, first published in 2007, has been updated and expanded to include the newest tests used for diagnosis and monitoring of WM.

IWMF has consolidated, updated and expanded the information on blood tests used for diagnosis and monitoring of WM for reissue as a new 2016 publication. Replacing the 2007 booklet bearing the same name, this new version places particular emphasis on expanding the explanation of the Complete Blood Count and on Immunoglobulins. Tests for beta-2 microglobulin and light chains have been added, as has genetics testing, which is becoming more useful in the diagnostic workup of WM. You can download the booklet in English, French, German, and Spanish here. With the assistance of its International Affiliates, the IWMF hopes to add translations in other languages at a later date.


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