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Recently, Dr. Robert Kyle, Mayo Clinic, informed the IWMF of his decision to retire from the IWMF Board of Trustees. Dr. Kyle has been an active board member of the IWMF since 2004. Prior to that, and going back to the establishment of the IWMF by Arnie Smokler and a handful of members in the Washington DC area in 1996, Dr. Kyle was a frequent participant and contributor in IWMF meetings and activities. During his time on the Board, the IWMF has grown from a collection of support groups in the US to an international organization, with a presence of affiliate organizations on nearly every continent and with over 21,000 members globally.

Dr. Kyle’s stewardship and guidance throughout the years has been invaluable in helping the IWMF to expand its reach in order to fulfill its vision of supporting everyone around the world affected by Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia while advancing the search for a cure. As a testament to his unfailing support of the IWMF, although he has retired, he has offered to be just a phone call or email away should we need to tap into his expertise and knowledge at any point in time.

For those who would like to know a bit more about Dr. Kyle, and to understand his groundbreaking contributions towards better understanding what WM is and how to treat it, see the following links:

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Speaking for WMers everywhere, IWMF President Carl Harrington said: “The IWMF will be forever grateful to Dr. Kyle for his many contributions to the Foundation and to WM patients worldwide. We are also indebted to his wife and family for allowing Dr. Kyle to be part of our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Dr. Kyle for so freely sharing his wisdom and his time.”


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