International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation



The 5th International Patient & Physician Summit on Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia will be held on the weekend of October 13-14, 2018 at the New York Marriott Downtown Hotel in the heart of Financial District just a few blocks from the Freedom Tower.

This will be a 2-day layman’s comprehensive conference on current topics of WM; genomics in the diagnosis and management of the disease, predispositions, disease presentations, clinical trial updates, case presentations and much more!  Selected speakers from the concurrent Workshop (10th International Workshop on WM) will chair and lecture the agenda presentations at the Summit.

There is no fee to register for the Summit, due to the generosity of multiple sponsorships.  However, because of space limitations, you must register in order to attend.

Summit attendees are responsible for their own travel and hotel accommodations. A first-come limited room block has been secured (currently 50% full) at the New York Marriott Downtown Hotel for Summit attendees.


  • 6144 Clark Center Ave.
    Sarasota, FL 34238
  • Phone: 941-927-4963
  • Fax: 941-927-4467
  • [email protected]