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Greetings from the IWMF,
In recent years we have witnessed substantial progress in basic biomedical research and subsequent clinical management of Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia (WM). In order to achieve its vision of A World Without WM, the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation recognizes that it is vital to provide funding to support the career development of next-generation researchers for WM.

The IWMF is therefore proud to announce the establishment of the Robert A. Kyle Career Development Award Program, which recognizes the 50+ years of impactful contributions by Dr. Robert Kyle to the field of plasma cells disorders and WM.

Under the terms of the Request for Proposals for the Robert A. Kyle Career Development Award, the IWMF will confer a research grant to a young investigator in the amount of $75,000 each year for a two (2)-year project. A young investigator is defined as a junior faculty member (instructor or assistant professor) and/or postdoctoral fellow who has a focus in basic research in the field of B-cell or plasma cell malignancies for at least two (2) years. His or her program must have a teaching curriculum and mentoring with well-established investigators with a track record in the B-cell malignancy or plasma cell malignancy field. Our deadline to receive project proposals is January 14, 2021.

Should you have any further questions about the Robert A. Kyle Career Development Award, please do not hesitate to email IWMF Finance Manager Robin Tucker at the following email address: [email protected](link sends e-mail). Also, feel free to share the RFP document with any of your colleagues who may also be interested.
Click here to view and download the Request for Proposals.


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