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Alice Riginos, editor of the Torch newsletter, was just recognized at the 2015 IWMF Educational Forum in Dallas with the presentation of the Judith May Volunteer of the Year Award. This award, named in honor of IWMF President Emerita Judith May, is given annually to a volunteer who has made significant contributions to the support of WM patients worldwide. Alice’s efforts over the past seven years as editor truly represent her commitment and dedication to providing the most up-to-date information and support for WM patients and their caregivers.

The Torch is published quarterly, and it is a significant effort to design each issue, to reach out to others for assistance in writing articles, and to edit and publish what has become a “hallmark” of the IWMF. In an effort to make Torch articles of special interest and importance more accessible, Alice recently reviewed each past issue and selected articles for inclusion in the “Best of the Torch” section on our website,

The Torch and articles from the “Best of the Torch” can be downloaded and printed from the Publications section of the website.


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